Don't Let Me Go

Nithya Suspense/Thriller

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Ishita Ashok Khanna is a widow. Her husband passed away a week ago in an accident or so everyone thought. Her ex-boyfriend is back in her life after 4 years for revenge. Revenge for leaving him and getting married to a douche bag.

Raman Kumar Bhalla is a billionaire. He was betrayed brutally by a girl, with whom he was deeply & madly in love with. He is determined to make her beg for his forgiveness. He has no plans of letting her go this time without snatching everything from her.

But what he didn't expect was the bomb his ex-girlfriend dropped on him and she is now expecting him to help her. She is even ready to crawl on her knees and beg for his help & forgiveness. What help does Ishita need? Will Raman help Ishita or will he seek revenge?

When Raman was forced to help his ex-girlfriend, he gets to know the hidden skeletons of his past. He faces so many twists & turns and lot of questions, but left with little answers or absolutely no answers. Now, it's his turn to find answers to all the questions. Will he find out answers or will he give up on his love?


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Part 12

"Then prove my daughter is innocent and get her out of this mental asylum. Then I will consider you for my Son whole-heartedly" said Toshi with a conviction
Shagun paled and stood frozen. The only thought that came to her mind was
"How did the tables turn? I'm screwed" thought Shagun
More than Shagun, Raman & Mihir were shocked to ……

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