Shadowed Stone

Kahanikaar Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Naira is a tall, black haired and fair skinned woman. With her razor sharp reflexes, she runs a successfull trading buiness as efficiently as she cuts down the creatures which plague the Otherside. A resident of the Stonelands, she is the ninety year old matriarch of the Ibera family. Read further to know this nonagenarian's secret of eternal youth. Be a part of the journey she undertakes which peels back layer after layer of truths and secrets buried in her past. Experience a world where the most ferocious magical being is waking up and a long forgotten race reclaims its place.


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Chapter Ten

Dusk was approaching fast. Kisha stood on the castle gate. Her father should have been here hours ago. But he was not. Fear was creeping into her heart.

\"What would you have me do, commander?\" Rana asked.

\"Illuminate the castle and the houses.\" Kisha answered.

After last night the Azakya chief had declared her th……

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