The Adventures of Kal

Jose Rizal M. Reyes

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There is war in Heaven. The defeated Rebel Angels are expelled from their celestial abodes but continues their defiance in the lower planes. Caught in the crossfire are innocent inhabitants of the lower planes, especially "inhabiters of the earth and the sea" -- meaning, residents of the physical and astral planes. The Rebel Angels chose the astral plane as their new capital and base of operations. But they are trying also to exert dominion over the physical plane where dwells the obstinate Kal and four classes of fairies.


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The Settling of White Island

An Intrusion in White Island

And lo, before the august company

could settle down in the selected isle,

there soon appeared a creature, somewhat wee.

He stayed afar for just a little while.

But by and by, he moved in stately style

and claimed an area solely as his own.

The fence coul……

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