Of Fury and Shadow

Una Roman Fantasy

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Of Fury and Shadow is the story of Selene and her older twin sister, Sabeer. Two amazon princesses caught up in an ancient war against the kingdom of men, Durin. They have only ever known war, bloodshed, and death. Their lives are turned upside down by the death of their mother, the queen. Selene is given a choice; become the next queen and work towards peace. While Sabeer is cast aside and forced into Selene’s shadow. Will they be able to come together and work for the same goals? Or will their bonds of sisterhood be forgotten?

Kade is the young king of Durin, whose only goal is to achieve peace with the amazons, for the sake of his people. Lonely and haunted by the choices of his father, he is drawn to Selene. In her he finds a kindred spirit, someone who like him is trapped by the choices others have made for them. Will their love be the path towards peace? Or will it jeopardize everything they have worked for?


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Chapter 6: A King\'s gift

Chapter 6

After the events in the hall, Selene’s room became a flurry of silent activity, the servants all too scared of making the wrong move. The bath was drained and taken away. Candles and lamps were lit as the sun had begun to set and the amazons were informed that it would soon be time for them to attend the feast. Then Selene was le……

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