Hannibal Monster

Kuda Sibanda Vampire/Werewolf

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Ten years ago the world was normal as it was. People would get up in the morning for work. Morning and night traffic as usual. Accidents would happen almost every day. Kid’s getting bullied in the corners. Ten years ago everything was normal as it always has been. Saul was six at that time going to the toddler’s preschool every day. Her mum would pack him a lunch with a sandwich with peanuts butter and jelly on top. Everything was beautiful for the young Soul. When it was lunch time he would share with his friends the food that his mom had made. Lunch time was always normal as it was. The teacher, Mrs Ruth would watch her students enjoying themselves as they eat their lunch same as usual every day launch time. One of the students Tim decides to give her teacher an apple because he had notice that his teacher doesn’t normally eat lunch with them. He took an apple in his lunch box and walked over to the teachers table. Very shy Tim approached the teacher and Mrs Ruth asked him “what is wrong Tim?” Tim very shy stretched out his hand and handed over the apple to Mrs Ruth. The other student watched then one of the student whose name was Josh the bully shouted “Tim loves Mrs Ruth!” points towards were Tim was standing. The other students started laughing at the same time. Mrs Ruth got angry as she stood up from her desk “Josh, go to the corner”. Tim rushed out of the class crying feeling embarrassed. Soul saw his friend live the class room and decided to follow and comfort him. Mrs Ruth walked over to where Josh was at the corner and talks some sense to him. Makes him apologize to Tim when he comes back. As Mrs Ruth continued to lecture to Josh, he started to feel sorry bit by bit. The other students were just watching what was happening. At that moment she stopped lecturing and posed for a moment.


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Chapter 7

Jason goes to his chamber to prepare to go and attack another rebel. As Jason enters his chamber and walks in his room and start removing the clothes ready to wear his battle armour. Jane jumps out from the wardrobe with a knife as she falls on top of the Jason pushing him down. As Jason was laying on the ground and Jane who was now on top of ……

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