Chasm Scar

Brittany Rush Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Within a world of mortal and fae, there are stars that reside in chosen hearts. If granted a star, they are given the task to keep mortals safe from the mischievous workings of the fae. The Chasm Clan is entrusted in finding these star kissed mortals. Fantasy and adventure collide as Raina is the first to be granted a star . Can she overcome her past in order to lead the Chasm Clan?


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Happiness is a blessing that comes in many forms. Be open to receiving the gifts that you are given, and you will grow.

“What a nasty cut you got.” The healer remarked as she inspected the cut he had received from trying to retrieve Raina. The healer had tended to everyone else, and James didn’t say anything, his mood dark because……

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