1-800-Psychic Hotline

Cherico Mcintosh Vampire/Werewolf

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Lydia just wanted a normal life, but at the unironic job at a psychic hotline center, her life is turned upside down by the creeps that go bump in the night. Thanks to a certain vampire, she's thrown into a world she never knew. He says he wants to keep her safe, but what are his ulterior motives? Psychic powers or not, nothing prepared Lydia for this.


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Chapter Seven

The cab driver gave her a funny look. He took one glance at the address on the business card she handed him, glanced at her, and handed it back to her. Lydia seated herself in the back of the taxi waiting for it to get going. She spent literally an hour and a half finding an outfit to wear. Most would consider her a modest maintenance person; sh……

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