The Lotus and the Loon

G.A. Zimmermann Teen fiction

28562 reads

Eden is known as the Loon. She's the lurker, the lookout, the one who watches from the shadows and learns. Her partner is Roselle, the Lotus and the temptress -- tasked with seducing the king. Too bad that once the king starts chasing the Loon, Eden's role in their high-stakes mission goes from a gamble... to just plain scrambled.


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Chapter Twenty-Two

The next day after lunch, when Atlas dumped two strange balls made of yarn into her lap, Eden knew he was up to something that didn\'t fit into the schedule.
She picked one up, eyeing the interwoven, rainbow string in suspicion. It was heavier than expected. “No.”

“At least hear me out,” he said, bending to rest his forearms on the bac……

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