Common Questions

How to become your signed writers?

There are two ways to be our signed writers:

1)Uploading your works on FicFun and updating regularly, then our editors will read your works carefully. If your works are good enough, we will consider signing a contract with you. Of course, you can recommend yourself to us if you’re confident enough with your works.

2)FicFun will host kinds of writing contests from time to time, and the winners stand more chances to become our signed writers. You still also have the opportunities even though you failed, we will select signed writers according to the quality of your works.

How to get the Readers’ Award?

Go to the competition page and comment under the entries. Each of the three most-liked comments under the prize-winning works will get an Amazon electronic gift cards (USD 10 each card). But the comment must include 30 words at least and each account can receive three cards at most.

How to change the genre of my work?

Once you choose the genre and submit your work, it cannot be changed by yourself in the author center. But you can contact our editors to help change it.

Can works published on other platforms enter the competition?

We don’t mind you using your previous works as long as they are not published on Amazon or other commercial sites during the competition. However we highly recommend that you join with new stories, because if you would become our signed writers, we will pay for your every new and exclusive chapter on FicFun.

Can I upload more than one work?

Of course, you can get larger possibility to win by doing so. But to be fair, each writer can only have one winning work. We will choose the one with the highest rank. Also be aware of that the more works you upload, the bigger chance you will have to become a signed writer.

15 chapters per month is too much for me, can it be less?

15 chapters per month is general acceptable according to our research. Actually as long as the plot is compelling, you don’t have to ponder on every word you use.

Furthermore, we’re also considering a payment plan for non-signed writers. That is even though you just write one chapter monthly, you may get $100 reward. The details are still under discussion.

Is there any limit to ask people to vote for my favorite works?

Absolutely no! Try your best and win the game!

Can I submit works under more than one genre?

Yes, but since each writer can only have one winning work, it is better to give your best shot. And also it would be easier to win to submit under the genre with fewer competitors.

How can I receive the money if I win or become a signed writer?

Generally, we only pay through Paypal, so you must have a Paypal account to receive money, no matter it belongs to you, your parents or your friends.

Besides, the commission for signed writers will also be paid through Paypal, and all the details will be elaborated in the contract.

Do you have other incentive plans?

Yes, we still have a Writers’ Recommendation Plan. You can recommend other writers to join in the contest. If your recommended writers win, then you can get a $10 bonus per person. If they become signed writers, then it is $20 per person. No upper limit. This plan is for long-term and the details will come out in due time.

For issues about writers and works, please contact

We have set up a Discord channel for quick and convenient communication. You can join in through clicking “Chat” from the Homepage, or add our editors.

Our editors’ Discord: Tomcrueding#8806, Betty Liu#7669