1.How do I create an account?

At present, our website supports third-party login, so you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to register.

2.How do I upload / revise / delete one of my stories?

Upload your story: After registering and logging in, click on the “Create” button on the home page. This will take you to the Author’s Centre where you can upload your story. At present, we do not support the upload of file formatted stories (e.g.: .doc, .txt, etc.), though in the future these types of features will be steadily added to the site.

Revise your story: Any section of your story that needs revision can be done so in the Author’s Centre. After making your revisions, it may take 30 to 60 minutes for the changes to appear on the front end webpage.

Delete your story: You can delete the whole book by the Delete button in the Author’s Centre. At present, we do not support deleting a single chapter, but you can use the editing function to replace the original content; or, you can contact the technical staff and ask for their assistance in deleting your story.

3.How come I cannot open some of the stories? Instead of opening, I am redirected to the home page.

This problem is usually a result of authors having already deleted their stories. Since the website will take a while to update after a deletion, readers may still see links to stories that no longer exist. After clicking these links, readers will be redirected to the home page. In some cases this issue can be caused by problems with the website. If this happens, please promptly contact our website technicians.

1.Is it okay for me to submit a story that has entered the 1st FicFun Writing Competition but did not win any awards?

No. All submissions must be new and original works that have not been published prior, in any shape or form.

2.Can I have multiple submissions?

Yes. You can submit more than one works but only one award will be given, regardless of how many are uploaded.

3.Can I enter one work into multiple award categories?

No. One submission for one topic. What category is most relevant is for you to decide.

4.What kind of stories is FicFun looking for?

At this moment, FicFun favours stories with strong and fast moving plots and are easy to read.

5.Are there any limits on what nationalities or ages can apply?

No. There are no limits to nationality, gender or age. All entrants who love writing in English are welcome.

6.Do I own the copyright of my story after I have submitted?

Entrants retain all publication rights, however, by accepting the award the winner will authorise their works’ digital copyright to FicFun free of charge. The winner will also be obligated to complete their works and cannot delete their works within three years of receiving payment.

7.Can I upload whatever I like for my book cover art?

As long as you do not infringe the copyright of the original cover, you can upload what you wish.

8.Can I only receive prize money via my PayPal account?

Right. Payments will only be made via PayPal, so do make sure that your PayPal account is usable and can receive international payment!

1.What is FicFun's Signed Writer Program?

FicFun’s Signed Writers Program is a payment plan in the hope of motivating and rewarding aspiring novelists and helping expose them to a wider audience. Once an author becomes a signed writer they will receive regular payment, depending on the frequency of their uploads.

The contract generally stipulates two issues:

Firstly, the update frequency. Singed writers are expected to regularly upload at least one chapter per week and total 10,000 words per month. The amount of chapters and their length is the writers’ prerogative, though we suggest five chapters of 2,000 words each.

Secondly, author’s remuneration. The average is $10 per 1,000 words, i.e. the compensation may go up or down depending on the work’s quality and popularity of the author.

2.How can I join FicFun Signed Writer Program?

There are two ways to be our signed writers:

Uploading your works on FicFun and updating regularly. If your works are good enough, we may consider signing you. You are also welcome to approach us and put your works forward.

Please send an outline of your story, along with a 1,000+ words sample (you may also attach links to your other works or achievements) to the relevant genre-specific email address:

Romance: betty@ficfun.com

Suspense: aprilfull@ficfun.com

Sci-Fi: corey@ficfun.com

Fantasy: jon@ficfun.com

Others: edit@ficfun.com

*FicFun promises to maintain confidentiality of all outlines and samples it receives.

Occasionally FicFun will host a writing competition. During these time writers usually stand a better chance of being signed. This is true regardless of whether you win the competition as writers are signed according to the quality of their work.

3.What requirements does FicFun have for signed authors?

FicFun respects its authors. Assuming we are all on the same page when signing the contract, authors will be expected to follow its stipulations on updating their works. The basic requirements include writing at least 10,000 words every month and writing at least one chapter per week. Obviously these stipulations are not rigid, and we will engage in more detailed consultations with our authors on an individual basis.

4.What requirements does FicFun have for signed works?

In addition to requiring authors to regularly update their works to an agreed standard, FicFun’s contract also states the following:

1. Topics: It must be a novel of any genre, e.g. romance, suspense, either as a main or sub-genre. We will not sign the following categories: poetry, prose and nonfiction. In addition, we will not sign fanfiction due to copyright issues.

2. Quality requirements:

1)The plot must be excellent and sufficiently engaging, so as to quickly capture the reader’s attention.

2)The language must be fluent and easy to read, without an excess of faulty wording (signed authors will be allowed to edit what they have already written).

3)The story must be logical and coherent.

3.Total words: Finished works must contain 60,000 words or more.

5.Who owns the copyright of signed stories?

Electronic copyright: the author, though for the three years after payment of author remuneration, FicFun will have exclusive rights to freely publish contracted stories natively or on third-party websites and to charge for readership access. After three years, FicFun will only retain the right to freely publish contracted works on its own website. Without authorization by FicFun, authors will not be allowed to delete contracted works.

Publication rights: exclusive to the author. If the author commissions FicFun to publish physical books, FicFun will be entitled to 50% of the proceedings. If the author publishes physical copies on his or her own, FicFun will be entitled to 30% of the proceedings.

Derivative works (movies, games, comics, audio books): exclusive to the author. If FicFun makes a successful recommendation, FicFun will be entitled to an economic agency fee of 20%.

6.What benefits can signed writers get?

After signing with us, authors will not only receive their remuneration (paid out monthly), but will also be offered a series of other benefits by FicFun. Excellent works will receive recommendations for publishing worldwide in the fields of film & television, and in the adaptation of online games. Outstanding authors will be featured and promoted on an international level.  

7.What are the specific steps for signing a contract?

Step 1: FicFun and interested authors engage in preliminary communication.

Step 2: In accordance with FicFun’s requirements, interested authors provide a synopsis for the signed work, along with a sample manuscript.

Step 3: The FicFun editorial team has a meeting to review the interested author’s signed work and votes to accept or decline.

Step 4: After passing the vote, the contract signing process begins; if an agreement cannot be made, the contract is not signed.

8.How is author remuneration paid out?

At present, FicFun only supports the use of PayPal to make author payments. Any other methods cannot be used.